Tombreck Action Group

Tombreck is a hill farm on the northern shores of Loch Tay in Highland Perthshire, and until the late 1980's was run as a 'mixed stock' family farm, typical of its kind. However, over the years, various factors caused the farm to become run-down and neglected. In 1997, under new management, attempts were made to solve these problems with some building repairs and woodland management schemes, but the fundamental question remained: how could a farm, which at one time supported several families and now failed to support even one, be vibrant and productive once more?

In March 2003, a group of local people, and "friends of Tombreck", founded the Tombreck Action Group. A Constituted Voluntary Association, the Tombreck Action Group wrote the Tombreck Action Plan which set out a vision for the future;

"To work as a farm, and to diversify into other activities so as to include other people, and to provide housing and employment at a sustainable level"

By addressing these issues it is hoped that the farm will become a model of rural community regeneration.

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Tombreck Action Group